(Getting autograph from one of my heroes. Legendary Mr. Akira Yasuda A.k.a. Akiman on right)



Hi, thanks for visiting. I am a 3d game animator/ Artist located in Los Angeles. I love ninjas, giant robots, obscure vintage anime and many niche import games.Here are a few genres I like: 3rd person Action Adventure, Fighting games , beat them ups, platforming, Strategy, Jrpgs, and many more. 
Interests/Hobbies: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Writing and drawing comic stories,Storyboards, designing and animating characters and movesets, learning new things from 3d moding to sprite animations and terrible puns.
Anime: Space Adventure Cobra (1982 tv series) most Yoshiaki Kawajiri films/ovas, Most madhouse anime, World masterpiece theater, Ghibli, Osamu Tezuka, Go Nagai and Leiji Matsumoto works, Most Tatsunoko superheroes, and many more.

My goal is to return the fun years I had as a kid with amazing stories and characters in games and animation to future generations. So far I have shipped 4 awesome games (Sonic Boom, Raw Data, Sprint Vector, Creed: Rise to Glory) on consoles, Pc and Vr. My journey continues…